We are operating online only! Keep Safe and Stay at Home!
We are operating online only! Keep Safe and Stay at Home!
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Based in Edinburgh, Scotland and founded by Ilana Ewing, Ethical Boutique is a company that strives to source only the highest quality of sustainable and ethical materials from around the world.

From the beginning, we have been proud to offer products that come from eco-friendly and green ranges from a selection of labels. It is important to us that we uphold our sustainable message, and so all our products are ethically sourced and made from organic materials. We make sure that our products are both unique and made from quality materials, as well as safe to the environment in their production process and components.

We sell many different accessory types, jewellery designs, and clothing pieces, as well as a large selection of gifts and greeting cards. You are sure to be pleased with what’s on offer.

From linen dresses to cotton scarves, we carry pieces made from a range of materials. The eco-friendly nature of our items means that you are able to find what you want, from earrings to shirts, and be sure that they were made in a way that does not harm the environment.

All our clothing is ethically sourced and sustainable. We strive to acquire our pieces from brands that we are 100% sure are committed to producing eco-friendly products, and those who actively try to minimise their impact on the environment. Many of our products are also vegan (unless stated otherwise).

We have a collection of wonderful clothes, greeting cards, jewellery, and gifts from a selection of designers and several different countries. From necklaces and skirts, all made from organic materials to bags and gloves. We are sure to have something that will interest you.