We are Working on New Products Range and Website at the Moment . We Will be Back soon!
We are Working on New Products Range and Website at the Moment . We Will be Back soon!
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Why sustainable card is important in the card industry

The greeting card industry is a big industry and one that everyone will need throughout their lives. Whilst it is great to easily be able to find beautiful and thoughtfully designed cards, one thing that can cause an issue is that the materials used to make the cards are not entirely sustainable.

Here at Ethical Boutique, we take great pride in being able to offer our customers an easy way to find sustainable items that are kind to the environment. Our latest addition is a collection sustainable greeting cards.

But why do we have these on our website? What is the power behind this material?

They are kinder to the environment

One of the main reasons that you should pick sustainable greeting cards is because you are being kinder to the environment. The less new materials that are used when manufacturing items, means that the less that we are calling upon the planet to give us.

When you use recycled materials, the manufacturing process is much quicker and easier, which means that there are fewer fossil fuels used. Not only this, but there is likely to be less waste created, which is always good for our landfills.

They make you feel great

Whilst you should never do things to make yourself feel better, there is a real sense of good that comes from choosing sustainable materials. You will have a sense of pride in the fact that you are doing something good for the environment, and you will also be buying a treat for someone that you care about. What could be better than that?

They are more unique

Many sustainable items take a real sense of pride when it comes to making unique items. Rather than trying to hide any of the flaws that can arise with using recycled materials or the type of manufacturing process they use, they embrace them. They use the flaws to give the items a unique feel, to ensure that each and every one feels as special as possible.

This is particularly great when it comes to greeting cards. After all, they are a way to share in a celebration and show someone that you are thinking of them.

It doesn’t matter if it is Christmas, Easter, Birthdays or anything in-between, choosing a sustainable greeting card is really great idea. Not only for the planet, but also for the person who you are giving it to.

Want to buy sustainable card greeting cards for your special event? If you do, then check out our brand-new range of cards with Butterflies and Blossom. Each one is made from entirely sustainable paper and come with biodegradable bags, which are made from maize. Not only this, but they are also beautifully designed and made to ensure that they are the highest quality and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who is lucky enough to receive them for themselves.

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