NEW Stock Alert!- For those...

NEW Stock Alert!- For those of you who know me, you’ll be familiar with my extremely luxurious mane of hair. I have gone through countless numbers of hair clips, hair baubles and other accessories in order to tame the thickness of my hair, but none have managed to last that long. However, now I am delighted to tell you that we will be stocking a WONDERFUL, Long-Lasting range of hair ties by KOOSHOO! They are made to be durable, and are created from organic materials in order to help the environment. Have you ever wondered where all those lost hair ties end up at? Well KOOSHOO knows the answer to this, and it’s in natural habitats and bodies of water in the form of plastic waste. Their hair ties are a great answer to a problem created by plastic-based synthetic hair ties, as they are made from certified organic cotton and natural rubber, which are both 100% biodegradable. This makes them both easy on your hair and on the environment.

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