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Ethical Jewellery

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Ethical Jewellery

 What makes our jewellery so special? It’s different from the mass-produced jewellery you often see in stores. Jewellery made on a production line with no thought to how materials are sourced, or worse, made by children because they have small hands and can work faster, is an unfortunate reality in the jewellery supply chain.


At Ethical Boutique, we source jewellery in sustainable materials from UK artisans or handmade products from suppliers overseas who are transparent on pay and conditions. There are many jewellery cooperatives abroad that deserve support from the West, not least because they offer vital employment and training to women. The concept of Fairtrade in the food and textile sector is firmly established, and we would like to see it applied without delay across the jewellery supply chain.


Handmade silver jewellery

Some of our most popular jewellery is by artisans working in silver. For example, our Recycled Silver Hammered Charm Necklace features 3 delicate charms on an 18” sterling silver trace chain.  The necklace is also available with a leaf design on the delicate pendants.

Also available in recycled silver, you will love our Leaf Texture Studs. Made in Scotland by Fiona Luing, they are shaped on the diagonal (1cm x 1cm) and boast sterling silver posts and scrolls.


Animal and Insect Brooches

For something fun and whimsical, check out our hand painted wooden brooches. Made from responsibly sourced walnut, they feature a variety of insects and animals. Two favourites are the Moth Brooch and the Pink Sloth Brooch, illustrated by Ilana Ewing. By only sourcing fast growing woods from ethical suppliers for all our wood products, we can continue to support responsible woodland management schemes.


Porcelain and Silver Necklaces

We recently added a stunning range of handmade porcelain and silver necklaces to our jewellery collection. Inspired by colours of the landscape, the porcelain pendants feature textured designs in cool blues, greens, and shades of stone.


Why choose jewellery as a gift?

Jewellery has long been a way for humans to express their personality and personal style. Jewellery can be functional, for example brooches, cufflinks and tiepins. It can be used to signify commitment — in the form of a wedding or engagement ring. The right necklace or earrings can ‘finish’ an outfit, giving the wearer a boost in confidence. Watches are often handed down as precious heirlooms, treasured and engraved.


Jewellery can be timeless and personal, or fun and fashion-forward. It may not be essential, but it is usually appreciated. Vintage jewellery tells a story. One day the jewellery we sell will be vintage, and we wonder what the story will be?


Next time you are in Edinburgh, visit our store at 259 Morningside Road to try some handmade statement necklaces, or to view a wider selection of our online collection. We look forward to seeing you!

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